Under Construction...Last Updated 16/03/2008

Welcome my Fuko website. This website is dedicated to the most beautiful woman in the world - Fuko (also known as "Fuko-Chan", and "Love", hence the name of this site). Fuko is a 20 year old model from Okinawa in Japan. While Fuko is rising to fame in her home country, she remains a mystery to the rest of the world. I hope to dispel some of that mystery, and hope that sites like this will help her gain wider recognition.

Fuko has modelled for websites such as toyko topless, Idol On Air, and bachelor magazine. She has a DVD set for release (entitled "Wind Child P!") in early March. Unfortunately, as far as I know this DVD is only for sale in Japan. Her profile was also heightened recently by appearing on a popular Japanese TV show (great to watch but I haven't found a version with subtitles!).